2 tips when buying the best training swimwear for your Child

When your childs times are improving at incredible speeds so are their size and you don't want to replace anymore training swimsuits than you really need too!


Unfortunately there won't be any way to slow your child from growing, but by doing some homework about what the most appropriate swimsuits are for racing and for training your swimwear will hopefully be able to be certain that your child won't wear out their swimsuits earlier than expected.

Choosing great swimwear comes down to more than just the name brand or colour. It is also of up most importance that you consider the differing needs that your child will have in training and competitions.



Tip 1: Training Swimwear

Swimsuits used in training do not need to be as technical as their racing swimsuit counterparts. Obviously there are a number of differing purposes – They are used for swimming laps and diving, and also other drills that your child enters into. Looking at these suits they need to be tough enough to spend a lot of time in chlorinated water. For this reason, PBT fabrics are the best choice for training swimwear.
PBT swimsuits are sometimes not as comfortable as Lycra swimsuits, because they do not stretch as well or fit to the body PBT is stronger than polyester, which is stronger than nylon. The extra drag created by PBT swimsuits can be a benefit during practice to prepare swimmers for race day. So when looking at training and racing swimsuits training swimwear is the most durable and long-lasting.


Tip 2: Racing Swimsuits

When looking at Racing swimsuits they are not worn as much as training swimsuits, looking at this there is a  diffing aspects to look at when it comes to choosing a suit. These swimsuits are can be made out of Spandex and Lycra fabrics mixed with rayons and other fibres, which are very soft and thin fabrics. being thin and made from special materials the swimsuit can fit the body more closely, helping to decrease drag during competitive races.

Unfortunately due to the special materials these swimsuits come at a moderate or higher price. Also the life of these suits will be reduced due to the exposure to chlorine, which is not as long as PBT suits, this means they will begin to sag – this makes them not recommended for regular wearing during practices!


No matter which kind of swimsuit you need to purchase for your swimmer, it will last the longer if you follow the proper care label instructions and make sure to rinse out in cold water after every visit to the pool!

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