girls chlorine resistant swimwear that lasts

Its is necessary for all swimming pools to be chlorinated as it helps to diminishl bacterium and halts the development of algae in the water. This means regular doses of chlorinated water give  into contact with your girls garment and causing irreversible change to the textile. Luckily these days there is now an array of girls chlorine resistant swimsuits to buy. Slix Australia has now formulated a girls swimwear range in their own fabrics, titled Stamina -  To offer a high level of chlorine resistance, which is a positive for any one who needs girls swimwear who swims in a pool. Look out for the Slix branded Stamina fabrics when choosing girls swimwear that is chlorine resistant.

Here are the great benefits in girls swimwear when using a chlorine resistant garment, in partspecific if you are a frequent swimmer.

Longer Lasting

A pair of girls swimmers which offers 100 percent resistance to chlorine can last up to six times longer than a standard piece of girls swimwear. This can form a big difference, especially if you are an skilled bather who has does daily training sessions.


When Exposed to chlorine it can eat into the textile of a garment and slowly it will have an consequence on the shape and make it a looser fit. Fortunately the cloth of chlorine resistant swimwear will have a higher balance of polyester which  helps to maintain its appearance. The Stamina fabric from Slix Australia offers 100 % chlorine resistant and has a four way stretch to provide that the swimwear will hold and provide a high quality fit.


As chlorine is prevented from eating into the fabric, this means that the appearance of the girls swimwear will not deteriorate. You can be assured that your girls garment will remain to appear great on the beach and in the water, instead of looking old and tired. All of Slix's girls swimwear chlorine resistant swimsuits will give some level of security against weakening.


Swimwear which provides 100 percent resistance to chlorine is only a little more dear than buying a basic swimsuit or a swimsuit from your local department store. But be cautious about purchasing a garment from a merchandiser who doesn't specialise in swimwear but produces inexpensive fashionable items as a line of their summer ranges, because they rarely use long-lasting and strong wearing fabrics and can oftentimes go transparent! You should look at the initial expenditure may be higher, but when investing in chlorine resistant swimwear, this can be counterbalanced out by the fact that your swimwear will last longer before it needs to be replaced. You should try to look at chlorine resistant swimsuits as an investment that will create you a elongated period savings and long lasting fun in the pool!

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