Hello! I just received my "back in black" slim fit, stamina, one piece in the mail and would like to say thank you for such a quick delivery and wonderful product.

I'm a very tall person (6ft 1) and these fit like a dream! Usually something I have a lot of trouble getting right. I love the suit and will be buying more.

Thank you,



Her new slix arrived this week. Many Thanks. they are just lovely.

Beautifully made, great quality.perfect fit.

My Miss Hannah from Peel Aquatic Club in Mandurah WA LOVERS her new Slix.

Regards mum Dhana ?


Love Slix Australia suits! Stylish and comfy for daily swim practice

rating star By swim2eat

I go to swim practice with a Masters team 6 days a week and so far I have 2 of the two-piece and 2 of the one-piece Slix Australia suits. Love them! They are very, very cute, I get compliments all the time. I don't like the boring suits. With how much I swim, this adds fun to it. I am 5'6" 126 lbs C-cup. I got one two-piece suit in Size 12 but it was too big. So for my other pair I got size 10 which is tight but perfect and comfy. I think for swimsuits too small is better than too big. The one-piece suits don't have a lot of coverage if you have a large chest like me (I got Size 10). They fit great but they are kind of revealing if you have a larger chest. It's not ideal but it works. I wish Swim Outlet would carry more styles. I just ordered a new pair directly from the Slix Australia site in Australia. These suits are stylish without compromising the comfort and the needs of serious swimmers. The fabric is high quality, chlorine resistant, and very durable. I highly recommend this brand!