4 simple tips to get endless hours of swim time out of your swimwear.

When your looking to have fun in the sun this summer, the first thing your going to need is a swimsuit.  You might want think about the style, what colours are in this season and your size. But when you get it, you want it to last and look good for as long as possible. Follow these simple tips to get a great life out of your swimwear.


1.Check the tags before buying.

I know its the last thing you think of when buying after style, colour, and fit, but the composition of your swimwear matters. Checking the tag to see what its made from can help you to understand whether its right for you. If it says nylon and lycra the chance of it lasting is slim, even with proper care. You should look for polyester and the more of it the better. polyester/lycra's will last longer than regular nylon/lycra but will still start to wear with regular use, finally polyester only fabric including PBT will give an extend period of use. So if you do some detective work you can choose swimwear that can last more than a season and ready for the next. 

2.Rinse in warm water.

Rinsing your costume between uses can be a great way of extending the life of your costume.  Showering after swimming is a great way to rinse it out. It dilutes the chlorine or salt in your swimwear so it doesn't dry in the costume and attack it. I'm sure you have gone to your cupboard to get the bikini top you wore last year only to find it with a see through patch where chlorine has eaten your suit. Rinsing can lessen these effects.


3.Try not to Wash it

Another misconception about swimwear is that you have to wash it between uses. Pools are generally full of chlorine and so your swimwear is well sanitised. Washing with harsh detergents and those with brighteners in them can start to bleach your swimwear.  Swimwear also contains natural rubber. Being a natural product detergents can attack it and start to break down the rubber, the effect of constant wash can cause rubber to go gooey, or even brittle, so where possible limit washing. 


4.Dry It the Shade.

It might sound like a simple task, but drying your swimwear in the shade can make all the difference. We have all seen it before, that shirt that had been on the line for too long and has a tidal fold over line. If you have a rack inside is best. 



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