About The Brand



In the Beginning


Slix Swimwear was the creative expression of Deborah Teys, mum to four competitive swimmers. Deborah had three different girls' swimming bodies and a boy. She was sick of wasting money buying the "normal big brands" that where either ill fitting, ugly or chaffed where they shouldn't. In 1999, after discovering the need for beautiful, quality, great fitting training swimwear that would suit her different 'swimmers' body types she took matters into her own hands and started sewing the very first pair of Slix swimmers. Using her own children as test dummies, she worked tirelessly to please the fussiest of customers. After perfecting her swimwear designs they quickly gained a following and from this Slix was born.  

Since sewing her first design in 1999 at her home in Sydney, Australia, Deborah has transformed Slix into a more than just another pair of swimmers. Slix helps girls and guys to look and feel good at training and stay active. Slix is about embracing our athletes and giving back to the swimming community.


Our Brand Now


17 years on, from humble beginnings now to Slix HQ. We are proudly 100% Australian Owned, designed and made on site at Slix HQ - Sydney, Australia. We have inhouse - fabric development, dye sublimation printing, design team, cutting, sewing manufacturing production team and warehousing.


"We don't just make swimwear, we make it better."


Our designers are all athletes, so we really do understand what swimmers really want. They love to push and blur the boundaries of what competitive swimwear really is, creating and revolutionising training swimwear.

We are all about beautiful swimwear, bold prints, high performance fabrics and utilising expert craftmanship and detailing in each and every design. Attention to detail mean we have you covered no matter what you are looking for daring, comfy and fun while maintaining performance and practicality. We continuely develop, test and tweak our designs before you buy them to ensure the best possible fit and performance.

Specialising in chlorine resistant training swimwear our STAMINA TM Fabric has been developed for Seventeen years and is our Exclusive Chlorine Resistant Fabric f or competitive and active swimmers.

Slix has you turning heads whether it’s in the warmup pool or on the beach. We only use the highest quality materials and construction so your swimwear is as beautiful in summer as it was in spring.

What started as a passion to make unique and inspiring swimwear that looks amazing, holds on in all the right places and out performs the rest, has seen Slix become a brand with a loyal cult following of both Olympians & active swimmers, triathletes, divers and surf lifesavers that want to stand out and embrace an active lifestyle!

We are all about YOU! Helping those dreaming of success to achieve on a national and world stage or just to feel and look great whilst kicking back.

Slix has given its Slix-a-holics swimwear they want to wear.


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