Get to know Keryn McMaster..

Thing you didn't know about Keryn McMaster Commonwealth Games Australian Representative..

Athlete Questionnaire:

 Name: Keryn McMaster

 DOB : 19th of September 1993

 Birth Place/City: New Zealand

 Height: 169cm

 Current Club: Waterworx Aquatics

 Current Coach: Dean Pugh

 First Coach: Dean Pugh

 Where did you learn to swim: AJ’s swim school

 When did you start swimming: 4, After I saw my big brother swimming, I decided I wanted to do what he was doing, I also have chronic asthma and doctors said it was a good idea to start swimming.

 Best Events: 400Im, 200IM, 200Fly

 Best Achievement in the pool: Winning my second national title, gaining me selection on the Commonwealth Games Team

 Sporting Dream: Represent Australia at the Olympics and achieve at the highest level

 Sporting Idol: Michael Phelps

 Who had the biggest influence on your swimming career and Why? My coach Dean Pugh, no one has ever believed in me as much as he has. He is always helping me push and strive for new levels in training and competition

 Favourite Inspirational Quote/Personal Motto: A Bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch, but in her own wings. Believe in yourself- Unknown 

Describe yourself in 5 words:  Driven, Passionate, Excitable, Playful and inquisitive

If you could meet 3 celebrities who would they be? Mark Wahlberg, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali

Favourite Movie: Stick it and Green Mile                                              

Favourite TV Program: Suits and Arrow

How is your ideal Sunday spent: in summer outside in the sun or at the beach relaxing. In winter, sitting in front of the TV with a blanket watching movies and TV shows

If you were a super hero, what superpower would you choose? I would choose to fly

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Bahamas

Faviourite Meal:  Sushi





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