3 Old School Extreme drills To Take Your Swimming to the Next Level

When your training, its easy to fall into the same old rut and same training drills that you and your coach do day in and day out. You Moving your body in the same way, which of course your body gets used to and drills can become less effective. By Changing up your routine and moving your body in a new way you keep your body changing toning and improving.  Here are 3 drills that you can try:

1. Vertical Kicking.

All day you swim up and down lanes but rarely put your body under gravity's pressure. Vertical kick can change all that.  Essentially you should put your hands above your head streamlining, jumping up from the bottom and kick either freestyle or butterfly. Time yourself against the clock usually in 30 second intervals or make a competition with your friend on who can stay above the water for the longest.

slix vertical kicking

2. Band only Swimming

A good way to give those shoulders a workout is for you to throw away your pool buoy, tie your feet together with a strap. Do some your favourite stroke. It might start off a bit easy but after a few laps you can feel the burn.

3. Swimming with a sponge.

Want to feel like your pulling a lead weight, keep a sponge handy in your pool bag.  Tie the sponge up with a rope and attach it to your back around your waist. As the sponge fills with water it will become a water weight. For maximum impact you can vary the size of the sponge.

  slix sponge 



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