Slix Australia Dives into the USA..

So you’ve had a look our website and you’ve picked the super cute swimsuit that no else will own out of your friends, added it to your checkout ready to purchase, only to find that the shipping costs to America was nearly the same as the costume? Let alone you might have to wait and you wonder if it will even arrive in time?

Well Slix Australia now has an American retailer. So that swimsuit could be yours tomorrow or the next day. Some of our most loved designs are now stocked at No need to worry about delivery time or large international shipping costs from Australia.

 Some of the unique details Slix Australia specializes in are frills, plaits, fluorescent designs and adjustable straps. There is a swimsuit to match every personality from cute and sweet to fierce and striking and for the daring guy there is even something for you! Want something different from all your friends at swimming practice? Well Slix Australia has the perfect swimsuit for you! Jump online and have a look today ready for the summer season and those countless hours spent in the pool.


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