Goal Setting Collage

Swimming is a great sport that takes dedication and consistency to get good results. And as your swimmer gets a bit older it might be time to start settings some goals, writing them down can be a start but a fun way to do is to create a Collage that you can hang in their room.

What you'll Need:

1. Pin Board

2. Drawing Pins

3. Coloured Paper

4. Photos of Friends at swimming

5. Print outs of your times and goal times

6. Optional (some past achievements ribbons or medals certificates)

First make some headings!

You can make it up any way you like you can make headings Past Present and Future to break the board up.  Or you can do "Now" and "Goals" or just "Goals". Its up to you on how formal you want your board to be depending on the age of your swimmer. 

Get your times - you can write down your times that you have now and put them in the the middle of your now/ present section. Then make up some times a bit lower then your current ones this could be PB's or maybe goal times for qualifying for a meet ( metros or state or a development meet) Put them in the goals section or Future. 

You can then make a list of what you need to do to achieve those future goals. Bullet points work well You can cut them up and place them around you future/ goals section. Your commitments can be made up depending on what you think it will take to achieve your goals.

It might be turn up for training everyday, eating less junk food, not putting your feet on the bottom, working on your stroke correction or making a certain times in training in a set. Get creative!

Finally make sure you fill your past, present, and now section with your medals / certificates and ribbons you have to see the achievements you have already made and add some photos of your friends and family who will support you in achieving your goals.

Place your collage in your room so you can see it everyday and take a picture with your phone just in case you want to review it before a big swim or event.

Good Luck with your swimming!     

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