Goals - The Benefits

Goals Goals Goals

Properly outlined goals serves a couple of purposes. They put into words the things you want from yourself in the pool.

They can give you the focus you need in the water, and help maintain motivation over the season.

Getting Serious about our Goals And why you should!

  • You are more efficient with your time and energy. You direct your attention and energy towards the things that will propel you forward towards success in the water. More energy spent on the things that matter and less time on those that don't.
  • Having clear goals boosts enthusiasm and motivation.  It gives you a sense of purpose and excitement when you are working towards something in the pool.
  •  The bigger the goal, the more likely we are to put more effort in its attempt. It has been shown that the bigger the goal, the more ambitious we set our sights the harder we will work to try and reach it.
  • Goals teach you to not give up.  When we strive for something we develop persistence, which helps to undermine anxiety and frustration.
  • Its a life skill.  Being proficient at goal setting gives you a valuable skill that you can use outside the pool.

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